Today was my last day with the US Digital Service. On June 1st, I am joining New America in the first cohort of Public Interest Technology fellows.

My experience at the Dept of Defense has been one which I never expected and which has been incredibly rewarding. Designing and shipping product that betters the lives of service people and their families has changed my understanding of impact through design. Working alongside life-long public servants has been humbling and inspiring, and I’ve been grateful for the willingness shown by NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, in TRANSCOM, in the Army G-1, and elsewhere to support and participate in a different, human centered approach to creating product.

Joining New America, I’ll be with members of the founding USDS and Obama OSTP teams to explore social venture design in domains like immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, and child welfare— issues that I can’t help from within. More info on that to come, but excited for what’s next.