Andrew Lovett-Barron
Grant Calculator
  • Product Designer
  • PIT Fellow, 2017
  • Former US Digital Service, IDEO
Andrew Lovett-Barron is a designer, researcher, and facilitator living in Copenhagen.
He was a principal designer and team lead at IDEO in Palo Alto, was the first designer at the Pentagon while a member of United States Digital Service, and ran Relay Studio, a small art and design shop in Toronto. Most recently, he was a Public Interest Tech fellow at New America researching technology ventures with social good missions.
Andrew is drawn to collaborations with teams building in environments of extreme complexity. This includes the Planned Parenthood, USTRANSCOM, NATO Operation Resolute Support (TAA/SFAC), Ford Smart Mobility, IKEA, Caterpillar, and Mozilla. He also occasionally goes rogue, and creates products like Pedal Pedal Club, an inclusive cycling application; the Grant Calculator to help philanthropic orgs make better financial decisions; Decay of Digital Things, a sustainability for Internet of Things popup class at the Stanford; and Stoke, an auditorium-sized interactive installation experience for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.
He has dual citizenship in the United States and Canada, and is certified as a wilderness medical first responder."

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